360 Feedback Assessment
The LTP 360 feedback assessment is a tool used for evaluating skills and work behaviour. It offers employees insight in their development needs by assessment of key competencies, viewed from multiple perspectives.
A questionnaire is completed by the individual and those who work with him/her (for example, his/her manager, team members and colleagues or customers).
A 360 feedback assessment is aimed at development, not at selection or judgement. A gap analysis presenting the person's own perception versus the perception of others is reported. It is a starting point for a suitable Personal Development Plan.

The procedure
LTP has developed an attractive web based 360 feedback system which is available through internet. The procedure contains:
Preparation of the 360 Feedback Questionnaire
Reporting the results
Evaluating the results with the participant
Follow up

- Competencies are translated into a questionnaire containing descriptions of workrelated, perceptible behaviour
- The questionnaire is compiled to a special secured website
- The participants are invited through e-mail

Administration by the participant
On the secured website the participant is requested to:
Evaluate his/her own 360 Feedback assessment
Evaluate the 360 Feedback assessment of others (in case he/she is invited)

The results of the 360 Feedback Assessment are reported both at question- and competency level.
The report gives a gap analysis presenting the person's own perception versus the perception of others.
The report gives insight in strengths and weaknesses
The results of colleagues and others are reported in a group score (average) and are not reducible to individuals

Evaluation of the results with the participant and follow-up
A LTP consultant, or the HR-consultant of the organisation involved, performs an indepth evaluation interview with the participant, aimed at acceptance of the results, and gives advice on matters like Personal Development Plan and embedded follow-up.
A LTP consultant can support the participants in reaching their development goals by offering coaching and training
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