On-line assessment
E-assessment consists of two parts: capacity tests and personal questionnaires.

Capacity tests indicate how your intellectual potential compares with the intellectual potential of people with the same educational or professional level. This indication reveals your possibility to analyze and solve problems in new complicated situations.

Personal questionnaires display your general personality profile and how your surroundings apprehend you. You can take these results as an original mirror. They can help other people to understand what they can wait for from you in different situations.

There are four personal questionnaires.

Big five
Human behavior in different situations can be defined in many respects by permanent personal characteristics. Numerous scientific investigations revealed that there are five general factors describe personality: extraversion, emotional balance, openness for new experience, consciousness and kindness. By taking this test you can get your personality profile based on these five characteristics.

Social behavior
People influence each other to achieve some goals. Sometimes you need somebodys help and vise versa. What kind of influence is typical for you: influencing, direct, assertive and anticipating.

The style of work
Every person is characterized by a specific style of working. Everyone has his or her own way of achieving success. The results of this test present your motivation and why you are more successful in certain situations.

The values
This test makes clear what is really important for you, how you set a priority.

There are four capacity tests:

The ratio between the figures, which appreciate the possibility of thinking abstractedly and solving problems with mathematic essence;
The logical thinking;
Practical thinking, which displays how quickly you can make decision in difficult stress situations, your ability to understand what point has principal or minor importance;
Numerical analysis
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